Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Worldly Rise Year End Stats -- 2019 Edition

It’s that time of year again, and it feels weird to start back up on this blog with an End-of-Year Stats post when I haven’t written on it for so long. But 2019 was at least a decade long. However… [drum roll, please]... We finally moved into the home we’ve been working on forever! My kitchen is Box City right now, but hopefully we’ll be able to sort and get stuff cleared away soon. Basically, these stats are essentially what I did for the first part of the year. We’re in the homestretch now.

— In 2019, I started with South Sudan and ended with Switzerland.

— At the end of 2019, I completed the 168th country for this blog. This now makes me 85.71% finished with this project.

— Of all the countries I have completed so far,

49 (29.17%) have been in Africa
46 (27.38%) have been in Europe
22 (13.10%) have been in Asia
12 (7.14%) have been in the Middle East
12 (7.14%) have been in the Caribbean
11 (6.55%) have been in Oceania
10 (5.95%) have been in South America
7 (4.17%) have been in Central America
2 (1.19%) has been in North America

— Of the 168 countries I have completed so far, 415 languages are represented in some capacity, either as an official language or at some kind of national/regional/vernacular level. Here are the ones who hold some level of status in three or more countries:

English: 62
French: 38
Arabic: 23
Spanish: 21
German: 14
Portuguese: 10
Romany/Romani: 10
Russian: 10
Croatian: 9
Italian: 9
Albanian: 7
Armenian: 7
Hungarian: 7
Serbian: 7
Ukrainian: 7
Bulgarian: 6
Greek: 5
Rusyn: 5
Slovak: 5
Swahili: 5
Chinese (Mandarin): 4
Garifuna: 4
Romanian: 4
Slovene/Slovenian: 4
Turkish: 4
Afrikaans: 3
Azerbaijani: 3
Belarusian: 3
Berber (Tamazight): 3
Bosnian: 3
Catalan: 3
Dutch: 3
Danish: 3
Fula: 3
Malay (Bahasa Malaya): 3
Mandinka: 3
Occitan: 3
Polish: 3
Sami: 3
Somali: 3
Swedish: 3
Tamil: 3
Tatar: 3
Tigrinya: 3
Urdu: 3
Wolof: 3
Yiddish: 3

— As of December 31, 2019 at 9:15 p.m. EST, I have had a total of pageviews 755,854 (an increase of 94,159 from this time last year) and have been read by at least one person in 184 countries (an increase of 3 countries). I have posted 742 blog posts (an increase of 32 posts) since I started in February 2012 and now have 28 followers (I didn’t gain any more followers this year on the blog site, but I do have 115 people who follow it on Facebook).

— Here are the top ten countries based on the number of pageviews (of all time). Every country on this list is still in the same position as last year:

1. United States
2. Philippines
3. Russia
4. Canada
5. United Kingdom
6. Germany
7. France
8. Australia
9. Ukraine
10. India

— If everything goes as planned for 2020 (which may or may not happen), I will start with Syria and end with Yemen. And then I’ll only have five countries to finish up the following year!

Have a happy new year!