Friday, June 15, 2012


Word of mouth is an awesome tool, and so is a Google search. But in my opinion as a writer, promoting your own work is one of the hardest things for me to do. It’s almost schizophrenic: I like what I write, but there are times I’m afraid to put it out there for people, afraid they will think it’s garbage writing. The editor part of me does have to step in and mitigate the internal battle and reassure everyone that we did a good job. It’s the same with my music.

And then when opportunities arise, the agent in me tells me I better take it. Earlier this week, I was reading through my Twitterfeed and saw a post from Huffington Post Women asking them to send a picture of what fun things you did this weekend. Well, I posted the picture of the final meal we did for the Australian food, with a link to the blog, of course.  And I got an e-mail back saying that they included it in their slide show! It’s slide 42 of 44, I think. Something I did was mentioned on a website that I have so much respect for, and I feel so proud of myself, it's ethereal. Check it out here:

The next day, I got a write-up on The Armenian Kitchen’s website (posted on 06/13/2012) about my posts of Armenian culture and food. All of my recipes came from their website, and after I was finished doing Armenia, I sent them an e-mail saying how much I enjoyed their site. So, she wrote about this blog and how it got started. I am still so flattered.

Social media and the Internet can be a wonderful thing. It certainly allows us to share ideas and cultures and lets us connect with people all over the world. When you learn more about other places and people, you begin to understand them. And when you understand them, you greatly lower your chances at unsubstantiated hate and discrimination. These are the things that make our worlds smaller. (This should be my mission statement.)

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