Thursday, December 31, 2015

Worldly Rise Year End Stats 2015 Edition

I started doing this last year for the first time, and I thought it’d be fun to do this again. Mostly because I’m procrastinating on something I’m sure. So, I’m essentially following on the mold of last year’s statistics. Enjoy!

— In 2015, I started with Guinea-Bissau and ended with Lesotho.

— At the end of 2015, I completed the 94th country for this blog. I did go back and add in the three countries that are not part of the UN at the end, so this now makes me 49% finished with this project. (I’m so close to the halfway point!)

— Of all the countries I have completed so far,
26 (27.65%) have been in Africa
24 (25.53%) have been in Europe
22 (23.40%) have been in Asia
            9 (9.57%) have been in the Caribbean
            7 (7.45%) have been in South America
              5 (5.32%) have been in Central America
1 (1.06%) has been in North America
— Of the 94 countries I have completed so far, 212 languages are represented in some capacity, either as an official language or at some kind of national/regional/vernacular level. Here are the ones who hold some level of status in three or more countries.  
French: 25
English: 25
Arabic: 13
Spanish: 13
German: 8
Russian: 8
Armenian: 6
Croatian: 6
Portuguese: 5
Greek: 4
Romany/Romani: 4
Bulgarian: 3
Albanian: 3
Azerbaijani: 3
Danish: 3
Garifuna: 3
Hungarian: 3
Serbian: 3
Slovene/Slovenian: 3
Swahili: 3
Ukrainian: 3

— As of December 31, 2015 at 2:30 p.m. EST, I have had a total of 248,865 pageviews (an increase of 125,270 from this time last year) and have been read by at least one person in 161 countries (an increase of 9 countries). I have posted 444 blog posts (an increase of 104 posts) since I started in February 2012 and now have 21 followers (I gained two more followers this year).

— Here are the top ten countries based on the number of pageviews (of all time):
            1. United States
            2. United Kingdom
            3. Philippines
            4. Canada            
            5. France
            6. Germany
            7. Ukraine
            8. Russia
            9. Australia
            10. India

— If everything goes as planned for 2016 (which may or may not happen), I will start with Liberia’s meal and end with Nauru’s.

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